Second generation, first edition adventures

An old friend and a new adventure

Our party leave the Goodhills and head south

In the town the adventurers and locals called Riverside, but the wider world knew as Gerth, the adventurers had what would turn out to be a fateful meeting. Here they met Theodore Dobbins. Theodore was another graduate of Finbur Softfoot’s school of light fingers. He had known Ravaaga as she had grown up in Gurden.

Theodore had been with Finbur longer than Ravaaga, and had left to find his fortune a couple of years ago. He was now a cutpurse, a thief of the third level. He told them tales of the wider world, of the walled city of Cryllor with its 8,000+ inhabitants straddling the Javan further south, and the great Gnomish city of Pindangoogly.

He also told him of a tale he had heard from an old lag down in Cryllor of a potential job down in the far south of Keoland. South even of the Dreadwood, lay the Viscounty of Salinmoor on the boarders of the Azure Sea and the Hool Marshes. There stood the fishing village of Saltmarsh. Rumours told of a job there for a band of curious adventurers; a haunted house. Even if it was nothing more than an empty ruin, there still might be swag to find in its halls or cellars.

‘Well, what about it, then?’

Filled with excitement (and not a little trepidation), and flushed with their recent successes with orcs, orgres and marauding bandits, the party agreed. Before they knew it, the six of them were on a barge to Cryllor.

Cryllor was like nothing they had ever seen before. Compared to Fuund, Polt or Riverside/Gerth, it was breath-taking. Not only was the city an order of magnitude larger than anything they had seen before, but it is extremely wealthy, The river traffic and the trade that passes between Niole Dra and Longspear, as well as the rich ores drawn from the lower Good Hills, have made the city extremely wealthy under the rule of Lord Ignaz Manz. The former warrior turned wealthy lord and civic magnate has made himself and the city very wealthy from the ores he draws from prodigious mines in the valley.

Here they were able to find an alchemist to identify the potions they had found in the Ogres’ horde. Potions of Levitation, Sweet water, Invisibility, Climbing, ESP and Water breathing would prove useful in the scrapes to come.

From Cryllor, they stowed in the hold of a trading vessel, heading for Cryford, Millen, Jaedrae and Newick in the Yeomanry. For all of them, this was the first time leaving Keoland for another realm, albeit briefly.


The port in the mists

From Newick, they managed to get passage on a boat delivering fish from the Azure Sea to the Yeomanry. This took them through the Hool Marshes, fortunately without incident, although not without the eerie feeling they were being watched as they passed through the mists. The mists turned to sea fog, as they passed Port Westkeep and Port Torvin on the way to Saltmarsh.
Finally, when it seemed the whole world had become grey sea and fog, the lights of Saltmarsh emerged through the gloom.
They had found their destination, but what would this mean?


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