Second generation, first edition adventures

From Glainwood to the Javan

Another adventure begins


Romar Hollyaxe and her cousin Ynaannul Windcrest were rangers from Glainwood in the March of Mandismore in the northwest of Keoland. On completing their initial training, it came time to go on the ranging that all ‘Rangers of the Watch’ must undertake.

Their plan was to travel south on the Javan River all the way to the Azure Coast. Here they were due to meet with their cousin, Damonel Blackroot, who was adventuring south of the Dreadwood in a seaside town called Saltmarsh. The plan was to pay for a ride on one of the many barges that plied the upper Javan, as far as Javan Ferry near Flen or Cryllor and go the rest of the way by trading ship. However, in Aberglain, they were kidnapped and taken north.


On the kidnapper’s barge, they met three fellow captives: Mandel Myrning (a magic user), Wendelaine Goodharvest (a cleric) and Grun (a huge, seven foot tall fighter, man of few words, but a fierce friend of Wendelaine). The captives managed to overwhelm the kidnappers and continued their journey north through the marshes of the Rushmoors. Ynaannul and Romar agreed to accompany Mandel, Wendelaine and Grun to Orlane. They moored their barge at Tanner’s Ferry, and took the road northeast into the Barony of Farvale to the village of Orlane.


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