Ardellen Wyvernsson

Human Ranger from Hochoch



9th Level human Ranger from Hochoch.


Ardellen is an old warhorse of the Wars against the Giants. He is a Knight of the Watch by training, but a Geoffite through-and-through. Therefore, he is somewhat of a free agent, working a lot with the Knights of Dispatch, set up with the remnants of the Geoffite army (mainly longbowmen and pikemen).

Ardellan fought many hard battles in the Wars Against the Giants. This took him south into Sterich and west to the Crystalmist Mountains. As a ranger, he was an expert at reconnaissance and led raids deep into enemy territory. He fought as part of the forces that liberated the Oytwood. As a result,he is on close terms with the elves of the Oytwood, and speaks good elvish (and gnomish too).

Ardellan was in the filed (in the Dim Forest in the foothills of the Barrier Peaks in the North-West), when the town of (Old) Midwood was destroyed and Hochoch taken in 584 CY. Ardellan and his men harried the Giants from the North, after driving them out of the Dim Forest. He was not fully supported by the elves of the Dim Forest, as they were focussed on ridding the forest of evil denizens, rather than reclaiming Hochoch (particularly when Gran March was amassing an army to push west. This led to Ardellen to be rather more frosty with the elves of the Dim Forest than with their Oytwood brethren.

Ardellan recently received a major wound in the leg from a hill giant’s club, which filed magic could only partially heal. This has meant that he walks now with a limp and has returned to Hochoch to focus on training young rangers.

Ardellan is on speaking terms with the Knights of the Watch, but does not submit himself to their command [he has shifted from LG to NG, with the occasional CG tendencies over the years]. He is on better terms with the Knights of the Dispatch. If things came to a head between the Knights of the Watch and the Geoffites over the return of Grand Duke Owen of Geoff from Shibboleth in southern GranMarch,he would probably side with the Geoffites.

Ardellan lives in a small, but well-appointed house to the Northeast of the town, between the Grover and the Guild of Adventurers. He maintains himself and a collection of henchmen (rangers and fighters) by charging adventurers for training.