Gervontis Traal

Male Human Cleric



Gervontus is a cleric of Heironeous, from Dilwych in northern Keoland.


Gervontis Traal is a cleric of Heironeous, who hails from Dilwych, in the Barony of Dilwych in northern Keoland.
He is a rather cantankerous man – more free-willed and independent than many clerics of his order. Gervontis does not make friends easily. He is often quiet and sullen, is occasionally bad-tempered, but has a deep wisdom and insight that is there to find for those who look.

He rides gryphon named Methegra, from the southern Crystalmist mountains, bordering on the Hellfurnace (the southern spur of the Crystalmists are sometimes called the Hadarna Mountains). She is the mate of Cymatarus, ridden by Gurhana. The two were starving when they were found by a party of adventurers returning from the Temple of Umata-Perion. A charm monster spell, followed by feeding the creatures with two giant strider corpses from an encounter with local tribesmen, soon perked them up, and the voracious beasts became friends (and mounts for) Gervontis and Gurhana.


The gryphons suit Gervontis’ character well. They tend to be silent and brooding, and are quick to anger. Unlike Gervontis, they have a tendency to take livestock or wild animals when hungry (which is nearly always). This can be expensive for both Gervontis and Gurhana, but the pair do not seem to mind, and will often leave them in the high mountains to hunt while they walk together.