Horgeness Droverson

Female Human Fighter



Horgeness Droverson is a human fighter from the Goodhills in western Keoland.


Horgeness Droverson was born in Gurden, in the Good Hills area in the east of the Kingdom of Keoland. Gurden is a small village on border between the Good Hills Union and the Barony of Middlemead. It lies on the road from Kingsholm in the west and the Gnomish town of Plim’s Delve in the south, to Middlebridge in the northeast.

Horgoness was the daughter of Horgon and Timon Droverson. Horgon had inherited the family business of providing security, particularly to travellers along roads through the Good Hills. Horgon didn’t have a head for numbers, so his wife Timon (the daughter of the landlord of the the ‘Laughing Gnome’ Inn) ran the records and financial side of things, which Horgon drummed up business and kept an eye on the staff. His son Balderon is being groomed to one day take over the business, but his unusually tall and strong daughter, Horgoness, soon made it clear that she was willing and able to live the life of a fighter.

It was on one of these escorting trips, providing security for a goods train, when Horgeness and her friend Ravaaga Silentread met Damonel Blackroot, Gevontis Traal and Gerhana Trannyth, who were escorting a Cleric of the Moon to a temple north of Middlebridge.
After this mission, the five had some adventures in and around the southern Keoland town of Saltmarsh. Here she also met Oceanus Taliwaith, an aquatic elf. She also met another band of adventurers, who joined them in an assault on the Sahuagin’s Lair further down the southern coast. These included to rangers from north of the Keoland .

Horgeness Droverson

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