Isabeau Laroche

Female Human Paladin



Isabeau was born in Gradsul in Southern Keoland, in 570. Her parents were killed by Sahuagin on the way back from battle on the boarders between the Principality of Ulek and the Pomarj.
Her father, Pierre, was a paladin and her mother, Claudette, a cleric of Heironeous.
She had lost her oldest brother, Claude, who was living in Haverhill (in the Principality) with her and the middle brother, Ricard, to the goblins of the Pomarj. He fell in an ambush by the Gomel River, in the Province of Deerfield.

After this, Isabel and Ricard were returned to Gradsul, where they lived with Rondel Athenar, the father of Pierre and Claudette’s companion, the cleric, Albain Athenar. Albain survived the Sahuagin attack. After this, Isabeau moved with Rondel, Albain and tRicard to the Keoland capital of Nicole Dra. Here Isabeau began her training as a Paladin at the Temple of Heironeous.

Both Isabeau and her brother Ricard became members of the Kights of the Watch, although they did not often train together, as Isabeau had to undergo the arduous training of a Gallant Paladin of Heironeous.

During the Invasion of Geoff, Sterich and the Yeomanry by the armies of the giants, Isabeau, Ricard and Albain fought with the Knights of the Watch in Geoff (Rondel had died the previous year, 585). The Knights of th eWatch supported the army from Gran March which fought for almost a year in Eastern Geoff. They were stationed in Hochoch, once it was liberated, for six months, before fighting in the liberation of Hocholve. After six months here, they returned to Hochoch, where they have been based ever since.

Isabeau worked mainly protecting the wounded as they were removed from battle, although this involved its fair share of fighting. It meant that she spent a fair time with her adoptive father, as they sallied forth to recover the wounded under fire, and tended for them in makeshift field hospitals.

Once the armies of Gran March pulled back, and the Knights of the Watch took over the running of the Midwood Vale, Albain, Ricard and Isabeau returned to Hochoch. From here they joined raiding parties, pushing into Giant-held territories on the boarders of Watcher-held Geoff, and protecting the teams building the Forts of Defence, ringing Hochoch to the West.

It was during one of these sorties, to the Southwest of New Midwood, that they were attacked by a horde of hill giants, Ricard was killed, and Albain and Isabeau barely escaped with their lives. Albania was disabled for life.

Since this time, Isabeau has spent her time looking after the refugees that continue to flood in from the West of Midwood Vale and beyond.