Ravaaga Silentread

Female Elven Thief




No one appears to know quite where Ravaaga comes from. Ravaaga is the name that was embroidered on her clothes, when she was found by Finbur Softfoot, a loveable old rogue from Gurden in the Goodhills, in the west of the Kingdom of Keoland. Gurden is a small village on boarder between the Good Hills Union and the Barony of Middlemead. It lies on the road from Kingsholm in the west and the Gnomish town of Plim’s Delve in the south, to Middlebridge in the northeast.

Ravaaga had been friends with Horgoness Droverson, since Horgoness was 13 and Ravaaga a mere 100.
Horgoness and Ravaaga had a close – they were always getting into scrapes together – but unusual friendship. Ravaaga was technically over 80 years Horgoness’ senior, but she was still young by elven standards. She had been found as teenager (still a toddler really) wandering in the woods by Finbur Softfoot. He took her in and in time began training her in the skills of his trade. Finbur died before Ravaaga reached adulthood, and she had to fend for herself once more.

Another close friend growing up in Gurden was Theodore Dobbins, a halfling thief who left adventuring before Finbur died.

Ravaaga Silentread

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