Theodore Dobbins

Deceased Halfling thief


Theodore Dobbins was a happy-go-lucky Chaotic Good halfling thief. Theodore was a friend of Ravaaga Silentread from Gurden. They both were apprenticed to Finbur Softfoot. Another orphan, Theodore was older in halfling terms than Ravaaga, and left to seek his fortune a year before Ravaaga did the same.

Str: 8
Int: 14
Wis: 7
Dex: 18
Cons: 10
Cha: 15


Theodore was a friend of Ravaaga Silentread from Gurden. Theodore left Gurden to find his way in the world. He wandered the towns of the Javan, from Flen down to Cryllor.
An old adventuring friend told him of a potential job down in Salinmoor on the south coast, at the mouth of the Javan. There was a potential adventure to be had in the sea town of Saltmarsh. As he was thinking of leaving to join his friend, bumped into Ravaaga once more in the town of Gerth (what the locals call Riverside).

Unfortunately, this was to be Theodore’s last adventure. The adventurers met an assassin called Ned Shakeshaft, who pretended to be a passing thief who had been captured by pirates. In fact the pirates had paid him to act as a decoy should anyone attempt to uncover the smuggling ring they ran from the caves under Saltmarsh manor.


When it became clear that the party not only were uncovering the secrets of the manor, but that they were capable of stopping the pirates illegal trade in its tracks, Ned assassinated Theodore and made his escape on one of the party’s horses.

Ned did not escape, however. He was brought down by arrows from the party, as he made his escape on horseback. This did not save Theodore, however. Even the best efforts of the cleric Gervontis could not save him. He would go on his last adventure alone.