Ynaannul Windcrest

Female Half-Elf Ranger


Ynaannul Windcrest is a Ranger from Glainwood in the March of Mandismore in the northwest of Keoland. Ynnaannul is a member of the ‘Watchers of the Wild’, also known as the ‘Rangers of the Watch’. The Watchers are related to the ‘Knights of the Watch’, set up hundreds of years ago to defend the Kingdom of Keoland, and the ‘Dread-walkers’, who are based in the Dreadwood in the southeast of Keoland.


Ynnaannul comes from Glainwood in the March of Mandismore in the northwest of Keoland. She is a member of the ‘Watchers of the Wild’, also known as the ‘Rangers of the Watch’. The Watchers are related to the ‘Knights of the Watch’, set up hundreds of years ago to defend the Kingdom of Keoland, and the ‘Dread-walkers’, who are based in the Dreadwood in the southeast of Keoland.


Her elvish mother, Ythredihl, came from what humans call Axewood, on the Sheldomar River in the North Eastern boarder with Ulek. Her human father, Brondil Windcrest, was served both in the ‘Dreadwalkers’ and under Alvian Blackroot as a ‘Watcher of the Wild. Brondil died in Sterich in 581, during the wars with the Giants from the Crystalmist Mountains. Having lost her husband, Ythredihl worries about her only daughter in the wild, and so has insisted that her cousin, Romar Hollyaxe, join her on the ‘ranging’ that all ‘Rangers of the Watch’ must undertake after completing their initial training.

A first adventure

Ynaannul’s first adventure started when she left Glainwood with her cousin, Romar Hollyaxe, to travel south on the Javan River all the way to the Azure Coast. Here they were due to meet with their cousin, Damonel Blackroot, who was adventuring south of the Dreadwood in a seaside town called Saltmarsh. The plan was to pay for a ride on one of the many barges that plied the upper Javan, as far as Javan Ferry near Flen or Cryllor and go the rest of the way by trading ship. However, in Aberglain, they were kidnapped and taken north.
On the kidnapper’s barge, they met three fellow captives: Mandel Myrning (a magic user), Wendelaine Goodharvest (a cleric) and Grun (a huge, seven foot tall fighter, man of few words, but a fierce friend of Wendelaine). The captives managed to overwhelm the kidnappers and continued their journey north through the marshes of the Rushmoors. Ynaannul and Romar agreed to accompany Mandel, Wendelaine and Grun to Orlane. They moored their barge at Tanner’s Ferry, and took the road northeast into the Barony of Farvale to the village of Orlane.

Against the Cult of the Reptile God

Orlaine, however, was not the village Wendelaine and his friends were expecting. Villagers were not welcoming, and many were uncharacteristically unfriendly. The five adventurers met two other adventurers, Benton Hadrimm and Ruskin Turner, in the Golden Grain Inn. The party continued to investigate the mystery of the village. Part of the story seemed to be uncovered when they chanced upon four troglodytes living in the basement of the deserted Foaming Mug Inn. What was going on in the unwelcoming Temple of Merikka? And who was the grim looking, scar-faced stranger, Derek Desleigh? However, by the next morning their newfound friends had disappeared. Mistrusting of the landlord, Romar, Ynannuul, Mandel, Wendelaine and Grun shifted to the other operating inn, the Slumbering Serpent.
It transpired that the village had been overcome by a Naga, Explictica Defilus, who had set up a self-styled Cult of the Reptile God, in the north of the marshes of Rushmoor. Explictica had used her magical powers to charm the local populace into servitude, including many at the Temple of Merikka. The party defeated the kidnappers and with the help of a local aged magic user named Ranme, they entered the Lair of Explictica and destroyed her and her minions, freeing the prisoners and the people of Orlane.

To Hochoch and the Boarders of Geoff

Amongst the treasure recovered from the now-flooded subterranean lair of the Naga and the liberated Temple of Merikka were two large statues of Explictica. These were valuable pieces, but no use in a farming village like Orlane. Therefore, Ynannuul and the party accompanied two members of the town guard (Donavan Allard and Hulbar Onfre) west, and slightly north to the town of Hochoch.
On the boarders of Gran March and the Grand Duchy of Geoff, Hochoch is an overcrowded walled town that serves as a military base, refugee camp, and diplomatic arena. Poised upon a hill overlooking a curve in the Realstream, Hochoch commands an impressive view of the Midwood Vale — the expanse between the Dim Forest and the Oytwood.
In Hochoh, Ynannuul, Romar and company stayed at Adventurers Guild. There, they trained under the ranger lord Aredellan Wyvernsson. Here they also met Isabeau Laroche, a paladin and Knight of the Watch from Gradsul in southern Keoland, and her Albain Athenar, a cleric (also of the Watch). Albain had been severely injured and Isabeau lost her younger brother, Ricard, in a battle with Hill Giants. The three had fought together in the Wars Against the Giants and had been part of the force that had liberated Hochoch.
Whilst they had sold one of the statues, at below its value to fund their training and to buy supplies (which Donovan returned with to Orlane), the party would have to go south to Flen or Cryllor to get a good price for the larger of the two.

Keeler’s Keep

The company, therefore, accompanied Ardellan with some Knights of the Watch to Keeler’s Keep. They were accompanied by Isabeau, who wished to travel with them to Saltmarsh. Her parents had been killed by Sahuagin in 570, when returning from a battle on the boarders between the Principality of Ulek and the Pomarj. She had not returned to Gradsul since Albain, Ricard and she had moved to Nicole Dra to train with the Knights of the Watch and then with the army from Gran March to Midwood Vale and the Wars Against the Giants. She bore with her brother’s sword and armour, which had been reshaped for her.
In Keeler’s Keep, they were rejoined by Donvan and Hulbar (who had travelled on a later boat). Here they discovered that two ranging parties had been lost in the Oytwood. The second a party of halflings sent to look for a party led by the elven ranger, Linderhil (and old comrade and friend of Ardellan). The adventurers, accompanied by Ardellan and the Knights of the Watch, went in search of the lost parties. They eventually came across the remnants of the halfling party, who reported the death of Linderhil and the others in an ogre ambush. They, themselves, were being pursued by the ogres and a hill giant. Ynaannul, Romar and Ardellan harried the ogres and lead them into an ambush. The ogres and hill giant were defeated, but not without losing the remaining halflings and one of the Knights of the Watch.
The party then headed south to Javan’s Ferry, where they took the Sterich Road to Flen. Here they sold the other Naga Statue to pay for the remainder of their training. Here also they parted company with Mandel, Wendelaine and Grun. The three of them would return to Orlane with Donovan and Hulbar to help with the rebuild of the temple and village, and with the building of its defences against the perils they now knew lived on its boarders.

Ynaannul Windcrest

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