Second generation, first edition adventures

The Adventure begins

The adventure began simply enough. It began with two friends, a human called Horgoness Droverson and wood elf called Ravaaga Silentread, They both lived in a small town of Gurden, in the Good Hills to the east of the Kingdom of Keoland. Gurden is a small village on border between the Good Hills Union and the Barony of Middlemead. It lies on the road from Kingsholm in the west and the Gnomish town of Plim’s Delve in the south, to Middlebridge in the northeast.

Horgoness and Ravaaga had been friends since Horgoness was 13 and Ravaaga a mere 70. Horgoness was the daughter of Horgon and Timon Droverson. Horgon had inherited the family business of providing security, particularly to travellers along roads through the Good Hills. Horgon didn’t have a head for numbers, so his wife Timon (the daughter of the landlord of the the ‘Laughing Gnome’ Inn) ran the records and financial side of things, which Horgon drummed up business and kept an eye on the staff. His son Balderon is being groomed to one day take over the business, but his unusually tall and strong daughter, Horgoness, soon made it clear that she was willing and able to live the life of a fighter.

Horgoness and Ravaaga had a close – they were always getting into scrapes together – but unusual friendship. Ravaaga was technically over 50 years Horgoness’ senior, but she was still young by elven standards. She had been found as teenager (still a toddler really) wandering in the woods by Finbur Softfoot, a loveable old rogue from Gurden. He took her in and in time began training her in the skills of his trade. Finbur died before Ravaaga reached adulthood, and she had to fend for herself once more. Therefore, she decided to join her friend Horgoness, when she was due to take her first job, escorting a Jilreon, a priestess of the moon, to the village of Fuund, over the Javan River in the County of Cryllor, to Finden in the Good Hills.

Jilreon was accompanied by a wandering cleric called Gervontis Traal. He was going to accompany Jilreon to Finden and then find his way in the world, spreading the word of his gods: Celestial and Heironeous.

Gervontus Traal

Not much occurred between Fuund and Gerth (what the locals call ‘Riverside’). In Riverside, they also met a fellow traveller, Gurhna Tranyth. Gurhana was a rare thing in Keoland, a wandering magic user. She cut a strange sight, sitting delicately on her horse with an owl punched in front of her on the pommel. Her familiar, slept most of the day, occasionally opening one eye to survey the others or items of interest, but came alive at night. It was whispered that her familiar enabled Gurhana to herself see into the darkness.


The road was not entirely free from bandits and orcs, and the team had to defend themselves on occasion. When they handmade it to Finden, they were asked to investigate the loss several sheep and most recently of a dwarf caravan. With the help of a ranger they had met on the way, Damonel Blackroot, they tracked down a group of ogres who had set up camp in a cave not far from the road. This was a stern test for the party, but they worked together and pulled through.



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