The Dreadwood

The Dreadwood is a protectorate of the Kingdom, ruled by wood elves and most of the people there are wood elves. A special group called the Dreadwalkers protects the Dreadwood

This substantial forest lies north of the Hool Marshes of the lower Javan River and reaches from the Good Hills in the west (where the forest itself is quite hilly) some 250 miles to the coast of the Azure Sea in the east. It varies between 70 miles deep in the east to well over 150 miles deep in the west. Together, the Dreadwood forest and the Hool marshes serve as a formidable natural barrier separating Keoland from the lands of the Sea Princes. There is a long history of struggle within the Dreadwood, with monsters and humanoids battling the human, elven and gnome inhabitants.who nominally swear allegiance to the King (in return for Keoish protection of the forest). Large-scale efforts have been mounted by the inhabitants, in concert with Keoish troops, to clear the woods of evil creatures time and again, but the enemy retreats into hidden places and beyond the trees into the trackless Hool Marshes, to return when the companies of woodsmen and elves retire. It is suspected that the Sea Princes are in collusion with certain bandits and humanoid bands who creep through the Dreadwood on their way to raid Keoland and the Yeomanry. Whispers speak of Scarlet Brethren sculking about capturing some of the more intelligent monsters here for use in their monster breeding experiments, but these are more likely tales told to misbehaving children and the rants of drunken old madmen. There are also rumored to be several mysterious and ancient ruins hidden deep within the more isolated regions of the Dreadwood.

Human Population: 5,000
Demi-humans: Sylvan Elves (8,000), Gnomes (1,000), some Halflings
Humanoids: North – some; South – many

The Barony of Grayhill is fully within the Deadwood, where it meets the Good Hills
Six other provinces border the Dreadwood;
Duchy of Dorlin
Barony of Raya
Barony of Sayre
Barony of Westgate
Viscounty of Nume Eor
Viscounty of Salinmoor