The Knights of the Watch

Knights of the Watch


This monastic order of knights has long aspired to control Hochoch and use it as a training ground for new Vigils (entry-level Watchers) who would fight the western nomads from beyond the Barrier Peaks (the traditional enemies of the order). When soldiers from Gran March first secured Hochoch, it seemed that fulfillment of the Watchers’ dream was imminent. But political maneuvering by Grand Duke Owen and negative repercussions from the local population cut that dream short. By order of Watcher leader Hugo of Geoff — a personal friend of Owen I — the Watchers became the elite defense force of Hochoch, and no more. While the Watchers perform this duty to the best of their abilities, in accordance with the precepts of their order, some within its ranks doubt Hugo’s capacity to continue leading at such an advanced age. Chief among these dissidents is the Great Honorable Wyvern Darwyck of Hookhill. Unsurprisingly to many, Darwyck would be one of the main candidates for Grandiose Imperial Wyvern if Hugo were to leave office.

Knights of the Dispatch

Formed in the aftermath of the giants’ invasion, the Knights of the Dispatch is a splinter sect of the Knights of the Watch whose members eschew the Watchers’ strict adherence to codes of conduct in favor of more flexible methods of waging war. The Dispatchers are among the staunchest proponents for continuous raids into Geoff ’s territory, which makes them popular among the lower classes. A small number of Dispatchers have considered forming a new Geoffite knightly order based solely in Hochoch. The local leader of the Dispatchers is the Grim Basilisk Kerwynn of Gorna, a middle-aged swordmage who looks favorably upon adventurers willing to venture into enemy lands.

The Knights of the Watch

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