The Scarlet Brotherhood

The Benevolent Brotherhood of the Scarlet Banner is a quasi-religious political cult that holds power throughout the southern Flanaess on the world of Greyhawk.


Accurate information concerning the Scarlet Brotherhood is notoriously hard to locate, because of its paranoid secrecy and the unreliability of those sources who lay claim to knowledge of it. However, what is known with some certainty is as follows.

For at least several generations, a Suel order of monastic militarists has dwelt in the closed city of Kro Terlep and the remote plateau south of it. During this time, the religion and precepts of the Brotherhood formed. The order is one of Suel racism which seeks to subjugate all of the Flanaess to the rule of the Suloise (despite its widespread use of humanoid troops), and which embraces evil as the only hope of achieving this end. Members of the Brotherhood are referred to, unsurprisingly, as Brothers, with seniors in the rigid hierarchy being referred to as Elder Brother.

Recently the Brotherhood has gained control of most of the southern waters in the Flanaess through treachery and warfare. Its spies and assassins have brought whole nations to their knees. The scarlet-clad monks who followed to administer the new satellite states had the way paved for them by ruthless cunning and ingenuity.

The Scarlet Brotherhood

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