The city has never been particularly healthy and vibrant. Being too close to the Hool Marshes, coupled with the high temperatures and muggy weather made the city a breeding ground for diseases. But the land was also valuable as croplands, and there are valuable resources to harvest from the Hools (mostly medicinal herbs from the swamps themselves and fish from the Javan.

The former ruler of this territory, the Grandee of Westkeep, was a wealthy and powerful lord among the Sea Princes, owning huge plantations and many slaves. The Grandee was also one of the most hated enemies of both the Yeomanry and Keoland, it is thought that he engineered many plots to weaken the southern borders over the years and ambush and raid into the territory.

The population of this small city was about 10,000 before the Wars, presently there are almost 15,000 humans crowded into the dank streets and damp buildings. The city walls were expanded a few decades ago in order to protect it from marauding creatures from the Hools, now the walls are crumbling from the relentless siege of the Brotherhood. Sanitary conditions in Westkeep are dreadful, and an outbreak of dysentery has spread throughout the city, with regimental chaplains and local priests having to work day and night to stem the plague. Supplies only come in on a sporadic basis. Spies and saboteurs sneak in and out of the city almost at will, as the current manpower is not enough to adequately seal off the city.

At night, vermin from the sewers crawls forth and presents a real danger to all people inside the city. These pests include a very large organization of ratmen. One of the soldiers reported: “We were forced to kill one of our war wizards recently due to the fact he was infected with lycanthropy that we did not detect until it was too late. Now, all our soldiers are getting checked daily for signs of disease and any sign of wererat bites.” All night long, shadows flit among the empty streets. Soldiers keep up large bonfires at strategic checkpoints and the provost marshal’s dragoons patrol the streets.