Ythrendyr - The Flame Tongue


Ythrendyr is a hand-and-a-half, or bastard sword, with special powers. It has been in the Laroche family of Paladins of Heironeous for three generations. Passed from Pierre to Ricard, by the cleric Albain Athenar, who survived the Sahuagin attack that took the lives of Pierre and Claudette Laroche.

The the sword confers:

  • +1 to attack and damage, except:
  • +2 vs. regenerating creatures
  • +3 vs. cold-using, inflammable or avian creatures,
  • +4 vs. undead

The sword sheds fiery light when its possessor speaks the command phrase “Illuminator!”. This causes the sword to become enveloped in sword that illuminates an area equivalent to a torch The flame easily ignites oil, burns webs, or sets fire to paper, parchment, dry wood etc. Cold-using creatures are those whose attack mode involves cold(e.g. ice toads, white dragons, winter wolves, yeti, etc.).

Ythrendyr - The Flame Tongue

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