Second generation, first edition adventures

Of Giants and Storms

Our party head for Gran March and the Free City of Greyhawk, but are blown of course


Whilst in Hochoch, the adventurers saw an army of Geoffites, Knights of the Watch and Grand Marchers leave the city in search of a rumoured army of giants in the Crystalmist Mountains.

However, soon after, Ardellen Wyvernsson and a band of rangers returned from Hocholve, with news that they had found signs of hill giant tracks, just north of the Olve River, in the foothills of Barrier Peaks.


Ardelen and their crew took fresh horses and headed southwest to warn the army. Knowing the skills of his sometime ranger students – Damonel, Romar and Ynaannul, he asked the adventurers if they would scout the Olve river area, between Midwood and the Barrier Peaks.



philip_andrew_stevens philip_andrew_stevens

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